Collapsible Travel Cup

Need a cup to take on a trip/hike?
Want to wash netilat yadayim on an airplane?
Going to basic training or reserve duty??

We’ve got the solution for you:

The Collapsible Travel Cup

Collapsible Travel Cup

This 6 ounce (170 ml.) cup is made from lightweight flexible plastic, but is covered with a tough plastic shell. It’s sturdy, watertight, and environment-friendly. It even has a compartment for medication.
The cup comes in two styles:

  • With printing
  • Without printing

The printing has the blessings of “shehakol” and “al netilat yadayim”.

The cup has arrived as is available for sale. Please contact us for information.

Where to Buy



  • Hi-C – Mahane Yehuda Covered Market, near Agrippas Street
  • Josh Pfaff’s World of Fun – Rav Shefa Mall (2nd floor)


  • Eretz Camping – Shaar Binyamin Shopping Center
  • Eretz Camping – Tzomet Shilat

Beit Shemesh

  • Josh Pfaff’s World of Fun – Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef (Nachal Nitzanim 8, below “Yesh”)