Kosher Field Cutlery

Kosher Field Cutlery was the first product we developed.
Kosher Field Cutlery

The set consists of a pair of multi-function pocketknives labeled for milk and meat use. Each set comes with labeled ballistic nylon pouches.

Meat cutleryMilk Cutlery

User’s Guide


Where to Buy



      • Hi-C – Mahane Yehuda Covered Market, near Agrippas Street
      • Chevruta – Rehov HaLamed Hey, Katamon
      • Shai Shop – Givat Shaul
      • Moriah Books – Old City
      • Jerusalem Camping – Ben Hillel Street
      • Orchah Camping – Yoel Salomon Street
      • Shanky’s – Romema
      • Josh Pfaff’s World of Fun – Rav Shefa Mall (2nd floor)


      • Mintzer Books – Te’ena
      • Rimon Gift Shop – Te’ena

Kfar Etzion

      • Teva Naot Outlet

Beit Shemesh

  • Josh Pfaff’s World of Fun – Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef (Nachal Nitzanim 8, below “Yesh”)